March 2021 Newsletter


Hello ladies. I thought it was time that we sent out a newsletter as we finally have some news!


I hope those of you that have joined us at the January and February meetings have enjoyed it. In January we had Mary Smith from Maidstone Grammar School talking about the wartime tunnel they found in the school grounds. We have had her before but it was just as good listening to her again. At the February meeting we had Liza from SATEDA. She was very interesting and it was eye-opening, if not very sad to think about what some women have to endure.

This month we have a gentleman called Steve Roberts. His talk is entitled Tales of a Scotland Yard detective. He has been recommended on the Unofficial Womens Institute Facebook group. It should be interesting. I was unable to book the forensic scientist we had booked as he doesn’t like zoom. When we resume meetings I will definitely rebook him.

Next month on Thursday 1st April I have booked Laughing John!!! It’s not a joke! I thought about what we needed most of all and laughter came to mind. He will be teaching us Laughter Yoga, don’t miss it!

If you have any suggestions for zoom speakers just let me know. We will take advice from National when we get it regarding the commencement of meetings but obviously your views are essential.

We are hoping to be able to have some outdoor meetings , size depending on regulations, when the weather picks up, most likely at Frinsted Village Hall.

Thank you all for sending your membership money to Dilys. I know that you appreciate the decision made by your committee to waive our share of the subs this year. I have spoken to many other WI’s and not many have been able to do what we have. The way we saw it was that the money in the bank is your money. Money we have raised through subs and fund-raising. It will reduce our balance considerably but we know that we can replace it with some well attended fundraising later in the year. We are sorry to say goodbye to Faye and Vena but hope to welcome them back sometime. I know that Zoom is hard for some of you (well mostly me!) . If you would like to join in but are unsure please call me and we can help you. It is quite easy to join a meeting.

East Kent will be providing us with the EK News from June. We also have your membership books but haven’t decided how to get them to you. Once we are all vaccinated it will be easier.

I am only booking meetings via zoom two months at a time so we can change when it is safe. I will be arranging a walk soon, probably just around Faversham so we can get a coffee afterwards. If there is somewhere you think we would enjoy walking around please let me know.

Finally, I hope that you are all coping with these strange and frightening times. It has been hard but I am sure you have all kept yourselves busy, baked lots and have the cleanest houses ever. If you have done anything interesting or unusual please let me know. As HRH said we will meet again.


Love from Angela xx



Words by Angela Coleman