October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021 Newsletter


Hello Girls



What a great evening. There was such a happy feeling in the hall. I hope you enjoyed the speaker, I know a few of you had trouble hearing him at times. It was so nice to see Linda and Joyce too. Glad you decided to come back to us. Shame you missed it Pat, you would have enjoyed it !

Really great to welcome the four new visitors Helen, Lenaick, Sue and Beverley and Yvonne and Jenny who came last month too. Hope you were made to feel really welcome. When you want to join just see Dilys or myself and we can sign you up. You won’t regret it!!


I hope you all appreciated the measures in place to keep you all safe. If we can just repeat for the next few months, sanitizing on entrance, report to me at the door for your subs then take a seat and stay at your table for the meeting, hopefully we can continue meeting and not have to cancel everything again. As I said the National WI suggest that all members do a LFT before meetings to ensure we are all safe. It goes without saying if you feel at all unwell before the meeting please stay away , that applies to me as well! We just want to keep you all safe at WI meetings. If you feel safer with a mask on please wear it , don’t worry about what others are doing.

As I said last night it might be a good idea to bring a throw or pashmina next month as we will need to keep doors open! When it snows we might have to close them!!


If you would like to meet for a coffee  on Tuesday 19th October at the Red Lion pub , Rawling St , Milstead at 11am please let us know asap. New ladies are very welcome to come along. Its always easier to get to know people in small groups.


Next month is our AGM , if you would like to join us on the committee please let myself or Marcelle know. It is a lot of fun for a bit of commitment, if you don’t fancy it that’s fine too. We are happy just as long as you are enjoying yourselves. If you have any ideas for speakers or outings please let me know. We will have a quiz or something after the brief formalities.


Then on Thursday 18th it is our 99th birthday party The entertainment is provided by Mandy Winters who is great fun, those who have seen her will remember her well. You will love her! . Hopefully you put your name on the party list. This year we are having fish and chips. I didn’t state at the meeting that you will have to pay for the fish and chips , they will cost £6 (approx.) We need to have the money at next month’s meeting please.



Obviously next year is our big one! Please let us know if you have any ideas for

the celebrations. As I said last month we will have to scale back on the celebrations but we will still mark the occasion accordingly. We will have more details soon.


Our December meeting on Thursday 2nd will have Jo Arnell, a landscaper and all round gorgeous person demonstrating making something for Christmas, hopefully we will all be able to make one too. Again we will need numbers please.


The Plough at Lewson Street is booked for our Christmas lunch on Sunday 5th December 12.30 . We will need a £10 deposit and the balance beforehand. I will let you know the price as soon as I can along with the menus. We will be doing the same game as last time, a gift costing no more than £5 . I have decided to change the letter as I searched for items beginning with I and I do not want any ice picks or iodine being brought in. So we will have the letter M for Milstead.  Get thinking girls!


The January meeting on the 6th will have George Ward the Cheesemaker of Kent! He will be bringing samples to taste.


I have booked two local ladies who are called Fancy Tat for the February meeting. In Feb the WI celebrates our love for our planet, symbolized by a Green Heart, this demonstration will support recycling and reusing. They will have items with them to sell.


Our first fundraiser is booked for Friday 25th March . Steve and Sue will be doing a quiz. More details to follow. Don’t worry if you do not have a team , there will always be a team to join. It is going to be a really fun evening! Bring your own drinks!


Barbara will be in touch soon with a film club night.


If you want us to start a new book club just let us know and we can arrange it .


Every year the East Kent Federation [whom we belong to] have their Annual Council meeting. This year it is Wednesday 16th March 10.30-3.30 at the Lees Cliff Folkestone. There are always fabulous speakers, this year they have Helen Sharman CMG OBE as the star speaker. The cost is £15 , it is a really good meeting if you haven’t been before please consider it. There is always a really nice atmosphere. Let me or Marcelle know if you are coming so we can book quickly. We go by car and we can sort out lifts for you.


I have provisionally booked a visit to the Chatham Synagogue on the afternoon of April 1st. Nearer the time there will be a list out.


November 25th – December !0th this year is Domestic Violence awareness. I think more than ever we need to be as informed as possible , if not for ourselves but for others and our communities. New Leaf are a charity that support families and provide refuge. They are a charity we are very fond of. We are trying to arrange a meeting on Friday 26th November where they will come along to talk to us and tell us how we can support them.  Where we hold the meeting will depending on numbers. Please let us know asap if you would like to attend. Following on from that if you have any safe, good quality home wear they are in desperate need at the moment.


Once again thank you so much for sticking with us over the last year, it hasn’t

been a great time but we have survived it and no doubt learnt a lot of things about ourselves! The committee will be meeting next week to discuss how we move forward safely.




See you all next month. If you need to ask anything call me on 07729828959

love from Angela xx



October 19th Tuesday coffee 11am Red Lion pub

November 4th AGM 7.30pm

November 18th Birthday party

November 27th Saturday Milstead Christmas Bazaar 10-12

December 2nd monthly meeting

December 5th Sunday Christmas Lunch The Plough 12.30

January 6th Monthly meeting

February 3rd monthly meeting Show The Love

March 16th Wednesday ACM Folkestone

Friday 25thMarch 7pm Quiz night

April 1st Friday Chatham Synagogue visit


Words by Angela Coleman – President