About Us

About Our WI

Milstead with Frinsted WI has members from Milstead and local surrounding areas. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at Milstead Village Hall

We currently have 38 members. In 2017 we celebrated our 95th Birthday and look forward to our centenary year in 2022, in which we plan to have lots of exciting celebrations.

Our monthly meetings are quite varied with very interesting speakers and some hands on meetings too. Previously we have had the following speakers:

Dairy birds, a year in the garden, A journey through the universe, A master chocolatier (lots of chocolate tasting), Kent Woodland Employment Scheme, Planting a border, Hawking (with live birds of Prey), Medau Movement and Exercise, Scrapbooking, Christmas hop arrangement, Kent Air Ambulance and Medical Detection Dogs

Its not all about Jam making and knitting. We have lots of fun too. We have a craft club, a book club and a film club. We organise walks, lunches and trips to the theatre and historic houses.



About The WI

The Women’s Institute movement in Britain started in 1915. During the First World War it was formed to encourage countrywomen to get involved in growing and preserving food to help to increase the supply of food to the war-torn nation. The first WI formed was at Llanfair PG, on Anglesey, North Wales on September 16th 1915, and the first WI in England was Singleton WI in Sussex.

The organisation’s aims have broadened and the WI is now the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK. The WI will celebrate its centenary in 2015 and currently has 212,000 members in around 6,600 WIs.