Hello ladies.

It seemed like the right time for another newsletter; albeit short of news!

Thank you for all paying your subs to Dilys , that is all done now for another year. Let’s pray things are very different by then.


In the meanwhile the zoom meetings continue.

Last month’s speaker told us of stories from Scotland Yard, he was very interesting but also a little quietly spoken.

This month’s speaker was a superb speaker. Her name is Sian Fox and she is a home economist with lots of tales to tell. She has since been in contact with me with ideas for another talk if we are interested.

One advantage of zoom is that we can have a speaker from anywhere in the world! If you have any ideas for a meeting please let me know.

On Thursday 15th , this week, grab a cup of something at 3pm and join us for a chat. There is no topic just an informal natter.

Our next speaker will be a chap called Dave Penny. He will be entertaining us with stories of his life as a pantomime dame. Dave has been involved in Amateur Dramatics for about 11 years and has acted in over 20 performances. He is also a playwright and has written an acclaimed play called ‘The Boys aren’t home’.

There has been a slight date change – we will meet on WEDNESDAY 12TH MAY at 7.30pm. Please try and join us if you can. It would be lovely to see as many as possible.

In June we have Melanie Gibson-Barton. She was actually booked in 2019 and is happy to join via zoom. She is a very professional speaker and some of you will kn.ow her already. This time she will be talking about the Belgian Royal Family.

As I said last month we will take advice ,from National when we get it, regarding the commencement of meetings but obviously your views are essential.

We are hoping to be able to have some outdoor meetings , size depending on regulations, when the weather picks up, most likely at Frinsted Village Hall.

East Kent will be providing us with the EK News from June. We also have your membership books but haven’t decided how to get them to you. Once we are all vaccinated it will be easier.


I know you all join me in wishing HRH Queen Elizabeth our sincere condolences. The National WI has sent our sympathies to The Queen and there is a book of condolences online. Very sad time for her.


Take care, keep safe and take your vaccine when you are offered it.

I can’t wait to see you all soon.

love from Angela xx

 Words by Angela Coleman