December 2021 Newsletter


Hello Ladies


Welcome to our two new visitors last week,  Sam and Jo. We all are so pleased to see you and hope that you felt welcome. We have been really blessed in the last few months to have 8 new ladies join us , we will get to learn your names! It is nice to have new faces. Please remember it is ‘your’ WI , if you want to ask a question or have any ideas  please talk to me or one of the committee. We want you to feel included.



 I hope you all appreciated the measures in place to keep you all safe. If we can just repeat for the next few months, sanitizing on entrance, report to me at the door for your subs then take a seat and stay at your table for the meeting, hopefully we can continue meeting and not have to cancel everything again. As I said the National WI suggest that all members do a LFT before meetings to ensure we are all safe. It goes without saying if you feel at all unwell before the meeting please stay away , that applies to me as well! We just want to keep you all safe at WI meetings .We will continue to wear masks until we have further advice.  It might be a good idea to bring a throw or pashmina next month as we will need to keep doors open! When it snows we might have to close them!!


I hope that you all enjoyed Jo Arnell last week. She is just so gorgeous and calming. Next year we will arrange a wreath making session for those of you that would like that. Things like this obviously come with a charge.


Those of us that went to the Plough yesterday had a really good time. It was so nice to be out with you all. Great variety in the M gifts, I think the most inventive gift was Kate’s musical biscuit box. Great fun.



The January meeting on the 6th will have George Ward the Cheesemaker of Kent! He will be bringing samples to taste.


The February meeting has Fancy Tat demonstrating their wares. This fits in with the environmental theme for our February meeting. We will be making green hearts to symbolize our love of the planet , there will be ideas in your WI magazine and on the WI website. Basically it is anything from a biscuit to fridge magnet that symbolizes our love for nature and our planet.


The March meeting will now be Tony Cross – it shouldn’t happen to a therapist

!!!  then Donna will be talking about Scams and Internet safety in April.


Our first fundraiser is booked for Friday 25th March . Steve and Sue will be doing

a quiz. More details to follow. Don’t worry if you do not have a team , there will

always be a team to join. It is going to be a really fun evening! Bring your own drinks!


If you would really like to visit the Chatham Synagogue in April but aren’t available in the daytime please let me know and I will change it to an evening visit. 2


Other outings next year will include a visit to Downderry lavender nursery, Fort Amherst, and Pheasant Barn in Oare. There will be a Garden Party to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in June and we will be celebrating our own Centenary year too.


The Committee and I would like to wish all of you a very happy Christmas and look forward to a having a very Happy 2022 with you all.


Please call me  on  07729828959 if there is anything you want to know, about WI that is – I am not available for Christmas  lunch advice or last minute gift ideas!!


love from Angela xx






January 6th Monthly meeting 7.30pm

February 3rd monthly meeting Show The Love

March 16th Wednesday ACM Folkestone

Friday 25thMarch 7pm Quiz night

April 1st Friday Chatham Synagogue visit


Words by Angela Coleman